10 reasons why non-woven bags are better alternatives of paper bags


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Green Bags by ZedpackConservation of the environment is a major concern. Every small step in this direction makes a relevant contribution. The incorporation of non-woven bags over plastic and paper bags is one such step.

 With increasing awareness, people are beginning to understand the need of using non-woven bags. Be it shopping bags, packaging bags or anything else, they are being used in every possible manner.

 Following are some of the advantages non-woven bags offer:


 Companies like Zedpack offer non-woven bags in various categories. With an amazing range of colors and styles available in the market, they help you raise your style quotient. You can choose from a variety of styles, including D-cut, loop handle, box type, shimmery and more.


One of the biggest advantages of non-woven bags is their durability. They are made by bonding long and short fibers through a chemical formula. This makes them strong. The bags cannot be torn easily and are, therefore, long-lasting.


One reason that has single-handedly driven the change from plastic to non-woven bags is that they don’t harm the environment. Also, unlike paper bags, they are not made by chopping off trees. Eco-friendly bags are the need of the hour.

 Reusable and lightweight

Being strong, non-woven bags offer the advantage of being used multiple times. They can be easily washed and used over and over again.

These bags are extremely light in weight. Convenient and effective, Zedpack’s non-woven bags make a perfect companion when you are on the go.

 Liquid repellent

The fabric, which is used to make non-woven bags, is liquid repellent in nature. This makes the bags effective even during rainy season.

 Offer easy storage

Storing these bags is a very easy thing to do. They are foldable and can be stacked in almirahs, drawers, etc. They take up very less space and are also easily portable.


Non-woven shopping bags are very affordable and offer value for money. They are cheaper, compared to plastic and paper bags, and easily fit in anyone’s budget.


A 100 percent recyclable, non-woven bags play an essential role in conserving the environment. While paper bags can only be recycled up to a maximum of three times, non-woven bags can be recycled multiple times.

Offer effective ventilation

The close-knit pattern of non-woven bags offers enough ventilation to the products being carried. This benefits when food products such as sweets or vegetables need to be transported.

Effective branding tool

Non-woven packaging bags can be made in different shapes and sizes. Based on the requirement, they can be created according to the product that needs to be packaged or carried in them. This flexibility helps them become one of the most effective branding tools. Companies can easily get them printed in the colors of their choice along with their logos and motto.

Branding not only defines a company’s vision but also catches the attention of spectators. This ultimately leads to an increased customer base, thereby increasing the business.

The market is experiencing a surge in the usage of non-woven bags. They not only offer multiple advantages but also promise a great future for the environment.


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