6 simple tips to keep your lungs healthy

Breathing keeps us all alive. Insufficient supply of oxygen to our lungs leads to a number of respiratory illnesses and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. This could even further escalate to life-threatening heart ailments. “Taking care of your lungs is essential to maintain appropriate breathing and stay away from pulmonary diseases, while keeping other vital organs in good health,” say lung doctors at MGS Hospital. Here are six simple ways in which you can keep your lungs strong and clean.

  1. Practice diaphragmatic breathing

Breathing educators often consider diaphragmatic breathing essential for a person’s overall wellbeing. The diaphragm is a huge but thin muscle sheet that divides the thoracic cavity (chest) from the abdominal cavity (belly).Breathing with your diaphragm helps maintaining a good posture, along with developing core muscle strength. It also reduces tightness in the shoulders and neck, while balancing the breathing rate.

  1. Stretch yourbreath

Elongating your inhalations and exhalations will enhance your lung capacity. Start by discovering the count of your natural breath; for instance, it can be 5 seconds. Once you find it out, add one more count as you inhale and exhale every time. Keep extending the length gradually. Also, ensure that your breathing is spaced outevenly.

  1. Keep the right posture

Make ample room for your lungs by occasionally sitting tall and reaching overhead. All you have to do is, lean back a little while you sit on a stable chair. The next step is to lift your chest up a bit. Take a deep breath,and try to open the front of your body.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is extremely important in order to flush toxins out of the body. Also, adequate water intake promotes optimum functionality of different bodily organs; and our lungs are one of them. As per pulmonologists at MGS Hospital, staying hydrated by taking fluids throughout the day promotes thinning of the lungs’mucosal linings. The thinner this lining is, the better our lungs can function.

  1. Laugh it out!

More laughter means more oxygen, because laughing leads to longer exhalations. This way, the residual or stale air gets cleared out from the lungs, allowing ample supply of fresh air (oxygen) to the lungs.

  1. Be physically active

Engaging in a moderately-intense physical activity for at least 20 minutes daily can work wonders in boosting the health of your lungs. You could try a brisk walk or a bike ride. Increasing your daily activity gradually will further aid you in maintaining a healthier heart, along with regulating your mood.

Remember, cigarette smoke is our lungs’ biggest enemy. Sad but true, it is the top cause of most lung cancer cases. Quit smoking immediately and stop being in an environment where you are inhaling smoke regularly.

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