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Mittal family’s Lovely Group set to mark 60 years of sustainable growth

From the first generation to the second generation and now the third generation, Mittal family has continued to expand their business.

You may find it hard to imagine a confectioner selling two-wheelers and cars, besides shaping the careers of thousands of youth, but once you delve deep into the journey of Lovely Group, things will be easier to understand. The story dates back to 1961, when the inception of a sweet shop took place with Rs 500 as loan by late Baldev Raj Mittal. Today, the group has a large presence across sectors, including education, automobile, etc.

Although the beginning of the group was humble, competitive price and the mouth-watering taste was a trademark of the 10×10 small sweet shop even then. The business flourished and the two elder sons followed the suit to join their father in the family business. However, the younger son Ashok Mittal went on to complete his Bachelors and Graduation law even as the business started expanding with Mittal putting in the hard yards to make the sweet shop chain a regional brand.

Having taken decent strides in the sweet business, Ashok Mittal diversified the business into Auto leadership in 1991. The Bajaj two-wheelers made by the group symbolized the Indian middle class. In 1996, the group took the dealership for Maruti Suzuki and became the number one dealer in automobiles in Punjab, followed by North India and the entire country.

The Lovely Group always wanted to give something back to the society and there was no better way of doing that other than setting up a college on 3.5-acre land in Phagwara, Punjab. Today, it is India’s largest university when it comes to the number of students. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor of LPU, has played a pivotal role in making this happen. With 30,000 students from across 30 countries studying at LPU, the decision to enter into the education sector has truly proved to be a masterstroke.

Apart from Ashok Mittal, Rashmi Mittal, the pro-chancellor has also played her part to nurture and groom the students to become complete individuals. Be it LPU or any other venture of Lovely Group, all have abided by Baldev Raj Mittal’s tenets of facing challenges and growing up. According to Ashok Mittal, LPU has the potential to become a legendary university.

From the first generation to the second generation and now the third generation, Mittal family has continued to expand their business. Today, the younger generation of the family is handling different verticals under Lovely Group, which has brought a lot of recognition to the country over the last many years.

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