Build yourself as a brand if you want to be a successful blogger

Shivangini Bhartia, a renowned entrepreneur who has a huge fan-following said “I am sure if Colonel Sanders was alive, he would have been a blogger too”.  Blogging is a fun way to kill your time, share interesting facts, be famous, and generate some capital. In short, it’s a rock that can kill more than two birds. Blogging may appear restricted to youngsters and 30+ professionals, but believe Shivangini Bhartia, this is not the case. Blogging can be pursued by anyone of any age group. You could be a 13-year-old writing a fan-fiction blog about Naruto or a 78-year-old grandmother posting a Risotto recipe. All you need is a website, free time, and a passion to write.



Blogging without passion doesn’t work. You need dedication to keep your website up-to-date every day. The portal should be fast, secure, and snag-free 24X7. Browsing speed of your website also plays a huge role, which is the reason why you shouldn’t choose just any server. The business model is usually that of pay-per-click. Bloggers tie up with Google ads and each click their page gets, fattens the advertisement revenue in the blogger’s account. Search engine optimization plays a huge role in pushing the blog link upwards in the search results.

There are no success secrets in the blogging world. Your content plays an important role in bringing the crowd to your backyard. A well-written and informative piece with a pinch of humor does the trick according to Shivangini Bhartia. It should also be appealing to search bots that look for keywords related to the niche in the title and the body. However, one must refrain from spamming keywords in the article. “A better way to learn how to blog is to read blogs from various websites”, explains Shivangini Bhartia. “Just don’t copy in the garb of inspiration”, she adds, as copied articles are penalized.


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