Segmented IVF – Taking conventional treatment effectiveness a step forward


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IVF has helped thousands of couples across the world conceive,and with newer medical advances, its effectiveness continues to get better.One such recent significant advancement that aims to increase the viability of the treatment further and enhance its effectiveness is segmented IVF. It aims to work on the lines of traditional IVF,except with much more success and safety.

Goral Gandhi IVF consultant, one of the top Indian embryology practitioners and an IVF advocate says that  Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) and over/under-stimulation of endometrial development are some of the risk factors when opting for the conventional way of IVF, and through segmented IVF, the challenges have been mitigated to a high extent. She also answers some concerning questions regarding the new treatment option.

Question – What is Segmented IVF?

There is quite a difference between the traditional IVF technique and Segmented IVF. Segmented IVF is a process of segregating the procedures of egg collection and embryo transfer, both of which are performed in a single cycle in conventional IVF. In between the first cycle of treatment and embryo implantation, the Segmented IVF process allows one to recover. In segmented IVF cycles, the transfer of embryo is not exercised in the fresh stimulated cycle.  All embryos are frozen and these  cryopreserved embryos are used in a programmed transfer cycle of the frozen embryo, explains Dr Goral Gandhi.

Question – How is it performed?

The treatment begins similar to how conventional IVF is performed, explains Goral Gandhi IVF consultant, adding that segmentation of IVF begins with the conventional session that takes about 10 -12 days. During this period, a patient undergoes monitored stimulation to produce multiple eggs in her ovaries.  When the eggs reach the desirable size, they are collected through a small operation. These eggs will subsequently go through the process of fertilization to form embryos that will be frozen in the next stage. The freezing is done using a new, cutting edge technology called Vitrification.

The patient then visits the IVF center for putting the embryos back in the womb. Under the careful watch of expert doctors and embryologists, she is monitored closely with proper medication. During this time, the uterus gets ready for implantation. The embryologist thaws the vitrified embryo and the frozen embryo transfer is performed.

How effective is segmented IVF?

According to a 2015 study by the Washington-based Bellingham IVF and Infertility Care, pregnancy rate has seen a 5-8% increase during 2013-15, thanks to the advancement of In vitro fertilization to Segmented IVF. This new development has not only discovered a more precise way of conceiving a child but also given a major technical boost to the IVF sphere across the world.

Several globally-renowned IVF experts have praised the idea of Segmented IVF. In various countries such as UK, India, USA, Japan, etc., it has been flourishing with a good pace. Segmented IVF has been instrumental in raising trust among couples when it comes to conceiving through In vitro fertilization.

“Segmentation in IVF, over the years, has dealt with conventional IVF’s limitations including the risk of Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) and over/under-stimulation of endometrial development. However, the cornerstone of success of Segmented IVF is a highly efficient and effective freezing program using Vitrification,” said Goral Gandhi while highlighting the effectiveness of Segmented IVF in medical fertility treatments.


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    Anjali Raghuwanshi 05 / 03 / 2020 Reply

    While Infertility has its own negative impacts on the life of numerous couples around, dr.goral Gandhi Mumbai has kept the flame of hope alive during all this time.

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    Nimmi Singh 05 / 03 / 2020 Reply

    Dr. Goral Gandhi Mumbai has done some great job in the ART world within the past few years and her contribution within the same domain is quite phenomenal.

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    Shikha 28 / 02 / 2020 Reply

    There is no better explanation to the concept of segmented IVF than the one provided hereby Dr. Goral Gandhi Mumbai. Every future IVF aspirant must have a look to the same.

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    Tanu Priya 26 / 02 / 2020 Reply

    Segmented IVF is quite different from conventional IVF process and as Dr goral Gandhi Mumbai explained, it is practiced with mostly frozen and cryopreserved embryos.

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    Radhika Sharma 13 / 01 / 2020 Reply

    I truly admire the immense knowledge and contribution of Goral Gandhi to the IVF world and she can certainly be regarded as an inspiration to many in the same field.


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