How Haida HR’s free TEFL course is helping trainee teachers


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TEFL course was conducted by Geoff West, the Director of Training and Development, Haida Interact International Co. LtdThe education sector in China has witnessed a major transformation in the last few years. Human resource companies like Haida HR have been instrumental in bringing skilled foreign teachers to the forefront. These foreign teachers have played a massive role in changing the trend and exchanging new ideas and concepts, which has benefited students across the country.

These human resource companies are not only meeting the requirements of local institutes, but they are also benefiting the teachers as well. Haida Interact International is one of the few companies that provide free accommodation to teachers. It also provides a number of backup services to make the process of recruitment simple and fruitful.

The best thing about Haida HR is the free TEFL course, which is offered to the foreign teachers for a proper certification. The China TEFL course is probably the only free TEFL course in the world and Haida is the first institution to conduct it. The course is conducted by experienced and skilled professionals of the company, who have the right expertise and knowledge to train these foreign teachers.

This year, the TEFL course was conducted by Geoff West, the Director of Training and Development, Haida Interact International Co. Ltd. He took it upon himself to ensure that the teachers are fully trained and prepared for the future endeavors this time around. He helped the trainees understand the different approaches that are required to teach students from different cultures, speaking different languages.

Geoff successfully conducted the training program and many teachers passed the test with flying colors, who are now ready to teach in various educational settings in China. This was the first time that someone from the higher management was so closely involved in the TEFL training program, and this made it a great learning curve and something to remember for these teachers.


The highly recognized certification of TEFL is important to teach anywhere in the world. Haida International ensures that the teachers are equipped with all the necessary requirements before getting started. It not only makes the job easier for a teacher, but also for the students who find it easy to learn from the foreign teachers.


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