Here’s how Deep Learning can add an incentive to your career in 10 minutes!


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Deep learning is an aspect of Artificial intelligence (AI) that is concerned with imitating the learning approach of humans for gaining a particular type of knowledge. In short, it can be understood as automated predictive analytics. It was created with the idea to enhance human experience by making machines more understanding and adaptive. Consultants at TeachingKrow explain some of the key aspects of deep learning which you should know before getting yourself certified as a deep learning analyst.

What is deep learning? Is it same as machine learning?

Although many people use deep leaning and machine learning interchangeably assuming they both mean the same, but they do not. Machine learning algorithms are linear, whereas deep learning algorithms are stacked in a hierarchy of increasing complexity and abstraction.
Machine learning is a concept in which algorithms process the data, learn from it, and then apply it into forming decisions. To predict accurately, machine learning algorithms are to be provided with more information and instructions. On the other hand, Deep learning algorithms perform deeper tasks by understanding the data by itself.

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How deep leaning works?

Deep learning interprets the data features and its relationships using neural networks which pass the relevant information through several stages of data processing. Once they are implemented, the algorithms are generally self-directed for data analysis. Those self-directed algorithms continue until the output has reached an acceptable level of accuracy. This process is layered through which the data is passed. This is why the process is named as ‘deep’.

Neural networks are the circuit of artificial neural networks – comprising of artificial neurons/nodes and the process is inspired by the working of brain.

Why you should choose deep learning to boost up your profession?

As machine learning and deep learning are continuously growing over time, it will become almost mandatory for organizations to survive in the market to use it. Earlier, this technology was limited to academia only, but now the technology is exposed to more research, with a number of funds being invested into its research.

Deep learning is an ever-evolving technology which always has been and will continue to surprise us every time mind-blowing research is done. This trend will continue in future, as well as deep learning is providing the best technique and high-quality performance to the businesses.

What are pre-requites for deep learning?

Adequate knowledge of python including frameworks and libraries is important to understand the complex real-world problems. Basic machine learning techniques, functioning of neural networks in theory, and a fundamental command over mathematics including linear algebra and calculus are recommended by industry experts at TeachingKrow.


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