Know how horoscopes can reveal your true personalities

Megha Sahay

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Dr Sundeep Kochar, India’s top celebrity astrologer, explains how moon sings can reveal our deepest secrets!

Even if you deny it, or don’t understand the rationale behind it, each person is admitted to the delights of the celestial kingdom through their horoscopes. We are all closely woven into 12 distinctive horoscopes, each having certain characteristics that intrinsically define us. Every now and then, people go through the newspapers or scroll down the apps to see what ‘today’ will be like for them. You might also get your natal chart read to know your true virtue as a person, and this is how your horoscope in your Janampatri forms an essential part of your true being!

Horoscopes are inspirational and motivational to read, and they affect people from all walks of life. Astrology as a field of study is a fusion of art and science. Our shared construct is based on calculative mathematical movements, and trajectories of the planets that form the course of our lives. Our moon signs tell us so much about our habits, emotions and our innate traits. Although we see that our sun signs usually cover the spread of the articles we refer to, Vedic astrology values the moon signs as it crafts a precise analysis of a person’s personality, which brings out accurate revelations.

Moon Signs

“Moon is the guiding source of your mind and emotions, and vested in them are the powers supreme! As the moon transitions quite abruptly, it can be more closely affiliated to you than your sun signs. The inhibitions, vulnerabilities, fear, emotions that behest you, are all influenced by your moon sign,” explains India’s top astrologer, Dr Sundeep Kochar.

Moon sign, or Rashi is what we popularly term in Vedic astrology, in conjunction with the planetary positions gives the most appropriate insight of your personal self. The Moon sign is your ‘latent’ or hidden personality traits that only you or people close to you know about. It is your deepest revelations that you find difficult to explain to the people around you, but your signs outline those aspects for you.

To understand about your Rashi and how it leashes the mental and emotional states within you, consult the top astrologer in India like Dr Sundeep Kochar. His expertise has helped people identify their correct moon sign, giving them an insight into how their life needs can be adequately met through the power of astrology.


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