Laying foundation for a successful future: Why early childhood education is crucial?

Megha Sahay

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The cognitive development of an individual starts during early childhood. Thus, the first few years of a child are the most important in determining his future.

Early childhood education plays a major role in shaping the young learners. The preschool programs that are well-designed and well thought-out will have a lasting impact on a child’s educational achievement. Preschools mainly emphasise on children’s cognitive development. They may seem nothing more than playtime for kids with a few art projects, however there is a lot more to them, says an education counsellor at New Era Public School Dwarka, one of the top CBSE schools in Dwarka, Delhi.

Skills the young learners develop in a good preschool

Children tend to develop pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills quickly through early childhood education programmes. These skills are essential for setting a foundation for their future learning. Successful development of these skills early on can benefit the children in learning complex concepts such as mathematical calculations, easily in the future.

Considering the importance of early childhood education, academicians at New Era Public School Dwarka, have adopted an activity-based teaching methodology for the young learners with an aim to make learning a fun-filled experience for children and ensure their holistic development in a nurturing environment. This approach is likely to have a greater impact on their future learning than the conventional method of teaching in a classroom.

Additionally, attending preschool helps children develop their social skills since they get to interact with other kids. A child with good social skills is likely to learn better when starting with formal education. Thus, as parents, it is essential to send your child to a good pre-school for preparing them to embark on a new learning experience. While preschools benefit children in developing literacy and numeracy skills, the groundwork they lay for them in becoming responsible and confident individuals is truly invaluable.

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