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Looking for a dream makeup? Let Noir Salon Punjabi Bagh weave its magic!

Step out in the garb of a queen with a magical basic, HD or an Airbrush makeup from Noir Salon, Punjabi Bagh!


Wearing the best makeup that looks like your own skin is every woman’s pride. Give your makeup a professional and flawless touch by walking into Noir salon, with the experts weaving their magic. There are three types of makeup services provided by the Noir salon in Punjabi Bagh, which are inclusive of basic, HD and Airbrush makeup.

Talking about the Basic makeup, it is completed with such finesse that it provides a dewy-fresh appearance. The chief makeup expert is Ms. Indu Yadav who is known for giving amazing makeup transformations to girls and brides. They cover all required features of basic makeup. Opt for a basic makeup if you want to look natural or wish to opt for a subtle appearance. This type of makeup sounds basic but covers a lot of makeup tasks such as Moisturizer, primer and liquid foundation, not to forget the concealer, followed by foundation powder, bronzer, blush and the last step is highlighter.

High-definition cameras have a tendency to reveal any wrinkle, crease or blemishes. High-definition makeups conceal uneven skin tone and other types of un-telegenic imperfections. HD makeup consists of pigments and light deflectors which make the skin appear smooth and even complexion sans the cakey buildup. The secret is light texture gives a natural look as the pigments blend into the skin.

Conventional foundations tend to get cakey or mask-like on skin, whereas ultra HD foundations lend the delusion of a picture-perfect skin and have lesser probability of getting detected by camera. These HD makeup products are the real hero in transforming the whole look from lifeless to alluring in front of camera or without it.

Speaking of Airbrush makeup, it is the most sought-after makeup by clients for weddings or parties. Why? There are more reasons than one. First, it is perfect for any season as the makeup covers all kinds of imperfections from zits to allergenic flaws like rosacea. The USP of this makeup is the fact that it is sweat-proof and waterproof. It actually stays till you remove the traces from your skin. Airbrush makeup kit is several notches higher from advanced makeup because it does what it says.

Airbrush makeup is a professional technique which implies applying makeup through the airbrush makeup kit that comes with an airbrush gun which is used to spray foundation directly onto the skin. This exclusively-formulated airbrush makeup is packed into a handheld machine that sprays with a little assistance from forced air in a finest mist onto the client’s skin. This makeup comes in custom colors, feels lightweight yet provides full coverage on skin. It is transfer-proof which means it will not come off on other person’s skin or clothes and it’s a filler that fills in pores, lines and other imperfections.

It also doesn’t get washed by tears and is ideal to be worn throughout the day. Therefore, step out in the garb of a queen with a magical makeup from Noir Salon!


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