Rudraksh Immigration on Ireland and related visa matters

The heavenly country of Ireland is the most convenient place to be visited by any person living in any corner of the world. Its’ immigration rules are easy to follow as the immigration department cooperates in calm and composed manner.

Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions-Mohali, is throwing light on the matter what all are the benefits of visiting the country and requisite documents need to be submitted to the concerned department.

The visa applied to visit Ireland is known with different names varying from the tourist visa to visit visa, to travel visa, to entry visa. Rudraksh Immigration enumerates the facts and documents required for the visit:

• Current/ valid passport with 6 months’ validity, after the day you are planning to leave Ireland.
• A person can stay for a maximum time period of 90 days in Ireland.
• Working on the tourist visa is not permitted.
• Proofs that you will be supporting your whole stay on your own. In case you are staying with family or friends, then the host needs to give a reference letter that s/he will be looking after your financial needs if the need occurs and then the host needs to submit some documents regarding his/her financial status.
• Substantiate the purpose of visit with reference letter or documentary evidence like some hotel booking that is acknowledging the dates of person’s stay in Ireland.
• Requisite evidences need to be submitted by the person applying for the visa, which is authenticating the person’s return to his/ her home turf.

Rudraksh Immigration might have cleared many doubts and expanded your knowledge base with the provided details.


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