Upskilling: An effective way to keep up pace with the dynamic IT industry


Ritika Pathak

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The process of teaching additional skills to the employees is known as upskilling. With the growth of technology and digitization, almost every business is facing severe challenges. Counselors at Teachingkrow, one of the leading e-learning websites, state that upskilling is the only solution to this problem. While all the industries are affected by the automation change, the onus lies on the IT industry to transform itself first and then to facilitate changes to other industries as well.

This automation has increased the demand for IT products and services. As the technology cycles are pretty short, there exists redundancies in the processes. To cope up with it, new products and technologies are introduced after every change. These new products and technologies lead to upskilling of the employees of the related industries.

The changing demands of the costumers and shifts in markets pose a threat to the IT industry the most. To subsist, the employees in the IT sector continuously upskill to keep pace with the advancements in coding, machine learning, analytical thinking and integrating different technologies.

Listed below are a few benefits of upskilling, explained by the counselors at Teachingkrow:

1. Upskilling enhances employability

Upskilling regularly is the only way an employee can keep pace with the dynamic changes in the IT industry. This not only gives stability but also enhances employability prospects.

2. It makes employees agile

With regular upskilling to learn the latest technologies such as AI, robotics and blockchain, data analytics, etc. the employees become agile. With the changing needs, they not only quickly adapt to it, but are able to assist in driving changes as well.

3. Handy in avoiding redundancy

Automation is largely responsible for several job redundancy as machines are taking over humans in many jobs. This has reduced the number of jobs from the IT sector which once employed people in large numbers. Upskilling is the only way to remain relevant!

4. Gives a way to collaborations

As you upskill, you will be open to new avenues and will be able to partner with like-minded people. These collaborations help individuals in their overall development and networking skills.

5. Opens door for innovation

During the upskilling sessions, many people have been able to conceive innovative ideas and were successful in converting them into real-time projects. These projects help in bringing transformation processes in the businesses.

E-learning websites attract millions of professionals to pursue the upskilling courses they offer. Online learning platforms save time and accommodation cost, making them cost effective for individuals and organizations. Teachingkrow is one of the leading online learning platforms, and offers a number of courses for upskilling for professionals as well as organizations.


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