Why packaging and marketing are the two faces of the same coin?

Sanjay Verma

, Blog Hour

In today’s marketing-driven world, a brand’s recognition, perception and differentiation depends greatly upon the packaging of its products. According to experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging, an attractive package encourages potential customers to purchase the product.

“The graphic design and physical design of a package have been important and constantly evolving phenomenon for several decades. Marketing communications and graphic design are applied to the surface of the package and the point of sale display, thus increasing the visual appeal of the products,” suggest experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging.

Fr the uninitiated, packaging refers to the activity of designing and producing the wrapper or bag for the product. Considering the crucial role it plays in convincing the customers to buy a specific product, packaging is an effective marketing tool. It is a powerful medium for sales promotion, since it performs several functions such as protection, ease of handling and storage, convenience in usage, etc.

The opinion shared by experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging is in sync with that of WJ Stanton, professor emeritus of marketing at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Stanton states, “Packaging may be defined as the general group of activities in product planning which helps in value designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product.” The definition clearly establishes packaging and marketing to be a part of the same plane.

How distinctive packaging enhances brand recognition is quite evident from the appealing gold wrapper of Ferrero Rocher, bright yellow pack with ‘Maggi’ written in red,  and the red & white logo of Coca Cola. Packaging that catches the also catches the customers, and the aforementioned brands testify to the success of this marketing trick.

Packaging and marketing, despite being two essentially different terms, are ultimately two faces of the same coin.


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