What made the popular RummyCircle.com gain more thrust amidst Covid-19 lockdown?

RummyCircle online game that offers more reliable and staunch online rummy gameplay experience though its advance and user-friendly apps, has recorded a significant rise in the downloads on both — Play Store and iOS amidst the coronavirus lockdown. In this article we will try to trace out what resulted in the unprecedented rise in the downloads of RummyCircle.com as compared to the other online rummy game apps.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of the strict lockdown by the government kept millions of internet users at home for more than two months. A significant number of people who stayed at their homes were not able to find interesting online games that can become their companions amidst such difficult times.

As per the Asia-Pacific Edition of 2019 Experian Identity and Fraud Report, 65% of the Indians expect the utmost transparency from businesses. Therefore, many Indians found the RummyCircle.com more reliable yet adventurous than the other online rummy game apps, hence, flooding the downloads of the app by the end-users across the nation.

Several people were finding it difficult to pass time during their stay at home. Interestingly, this online rummy game app became some of the best companions of the users as they involve a high level of cerebration which results in the longer playtime. RummyCircle.com include colour combinations in their graphics that do not put a strain on the eyes when played for a longer period of time.

Moreover, RummyCircle that involves the applications of skills over anything else, makes it a game that ensures fair play. The uniqueness of the game and the credibility of apps resulted in RummyCircle.com creating a fan base of over 10 million people across the world, adding millions in the two months of the lockdown.


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