‘World Down Syndrome Day’, an opportunity to impact lives by creating awareness

Ritika Pathak

, Blog Hour

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes various medical, cognitive and physical health issues in children and adults. It varies in severity, from developmental delays to lifelong intellectual disability. Down Syndrome is also the most common genetic chromosomal disorder across the world.

The symptoms of Down Syndrome may be mild, moderate or severe. However, people with Down Syndrome often have distinct facial features, such as flattened face, small head, short neck, poor muscle tone, short height, excessive flexibility, etc.

According to health practitioners at AMRI Hospital, better understanding of Down Syndrome and early intervention can greatly increase the quality of living of affected patients, helping them live life to its fullest. On the other hand, lack of awareness has posed a big challenge to improve the lives of such patients.

World Down Syndrome Day is an opportunity to spread the world and educate the people about this disease. It is a campaign that aims to create public awareness and support the rights, inclusion and wellbeing of people with Down Syndrome across the world.

Observed on 21st March every year, World Down Syndrome Day is a platform to emphasize on the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ to manage this health condition in a better way. It is also the right occasion to send a strong message to certain authorities, who can play a defining role in improving the lives of people suffering from this disease.

Many people and healthcare service providers across the world often come up with unique initiatives on World Down Syndrome Day to educate people about this disease. One such healthcare services provider is AMRI Hospital in Kolkata. The group always comes up with awareness campaigns on important days throughout the year.

This year, AMRI Hospital has again geared up to run a social media campaign on World Down Syndrome Day to impact the lives and improve the living quality of patients with Down Syndrome. It is also a high time for all of us to unite in the fight against this medical condition.


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