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Ziqitza Healthcare co-founder Shweta Mangal’s Mantra for Success

Success and failure, both are the part and parcel of life. You are not guaranteed success by choosing a certain career for yourself. It takes a lot to realize the dreams, and achieve the results that are set by an individual for himself.

However, one particular aspect is common in every successful journey. That aspect is the belief to overcome all the hurdles that come along. Shweta Mangal, Ziqitza healthcare’s co-founder and former CEO’s mantra for success has been very simple throughout her journey. She believes in leaving a legacy behind and doing everything to make it possible. 

From a young passionate lady, to the CEO of Ziqitza, Shweta has seen a lot of ups and downs. She started her journey from a village in Rajasthan, which wasn’t known for educating the girl child. But, Shweta was able to defy all the odds with the support of her mother. She went abroad for higher studies before coming back to start the ambulance service that was named ZIqitza Healthcare Limited. 

During this long journey, she followed a set of mantra’s religiously to face the challenges, instead of getting bogged down. Patience and persistence was the strength of Shweta Mangal, who kept her cool at the crucial times. She says that the success is only possible by having the right attitude, passion and will power.  

“Be passionate about your idea and have the right attitude. You can be as intelligent as they come, you won’t go far without passion. The first two or three years are crucial while starting a business and often the time when most businesses fail, because the person stops believing in his idea,” says Shweta Mangal.

She also says that there is never a perfect time to implement the idea, and the waiting game cannot be the mantra for success.

“Very often people wait for ‘the right time’ to implement their ideas. The key is not to wait. If there is an idea you believe in, go ahead. There will never be a perfect time,” she says. 

Shweta Mangal doesn’t shy away from taking help and suggests the young generation to do the same. Take the help of friends who believe in your project and you. Hire professionals who are willing to join you. Build a team that you can fall back on and bounce ideas off,she says.

Even after putting her heart and soul for leaving a legacy behind, Shweta Mangal suggests not to get emotionally attached to your business. As a women-entrepreneur, she has found the right balance between personal and professional life. She believes in surrounding yourself with the right people for finding your identity to move on.

Shweta Mangal Talks on Overcoming Challenges about Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

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