ACSG Corp ties-up with Asia’s Leading Border Guarding Force for a Comprehensive Automation Suite

ACSG Corp, a India-based leading critical infrastructure security company serving law enforcement bodies across the country, successfully bags a tender with Asia’s leading Border guarding force to develop a comprehensive web-portal/ automation suite for automating all its internal and external processes.  Through this new tool, the security force will have access to all of its core functionalities in a systematized and well-synchronized manner for overall smooth running of operations. The finished suite is expected to have over 2.5 lakh logins and will be one of the largest such tools deployed for  the most recognized security organization in the country. It  facilitates the public to interact with the organization.

Commenting on this prestigious association, Pankaj Kumar, President, ACSG Corp, said, “We feel delighted to be of assistance to one of the most prominent security forces in India and help them in preventing transnational crime eventually. With steady support from our team of technical experts, we will be developing an exclusive digital pathway for all major functionalities of the security force. This is to enable simplification and digitization of their operations for all current and previous employees, relevant public and other outsider parties. We will be applying a unique modular approach with the help of our advanced software to have it ready in minimal time while employing different theater running paralleling to treat every functionality as a separate project in itself.

The main functionalities covered in this portal will include recruitment, grievance, feedback, examination, tenders, micro web portals for various security frontiers and also the main website of the security force. Some of the critical features will include a fully functional content management system (CMS), administrator authentication, restricted, secure area for employees and particularly, retired employees. There will be options for uploading circulars as well as any required files that includes document management, media management for photos/ videos etc. It will be extremely user friendly with easily accessible features such as disable friendly for one, to be of swift use by almost every individual associated with the security force in any manner.

This extensive automated portal will serve as a great uniform podium for all its personnel and will go a long way in making the otherwise tedious procedures a lot easier and faster. While it is expected to benefit the current staff a great deal, it will also be quite effective in expanding the approachability of the security force for its old employees as well as the third party associates. ACSG Corp will get to have its own onsite space to accomplish this project more effectively and a good chunk of resources will be exhausted from the company for both onsite as well as offsite work. With a huge launch impending in near future, this portal will positively prove to be highly impactful and fruitful for the security force.     

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