Amazon expands its trillion-dollar AI business, brings cloud gaming into picture

Amongst the leaders in online retailing, Amazon is leveraging AI in more ways than one can reckon. From the machine-vision tricks (deep lens) to paying bills with a selfie (deep learning technology), the brand is now targeting to capitalize cloud computing. Amazon plans to launch a cloud gaming service, according to a report in The Information (paywall). The company is already in discussions with the video game publishers, and has been directing its recent activities around the launch of their cloud services, in the year 2020.

Validating the news is a recent post by the company which states, “This is a rare opportunity to take a technical leadership role to shape the foundation of an unannounced AAA games business.” The company also is working on “a never before seen kind of game,” according to reports in The Verge.

Amazon also promises to widen its segment of digital advertising, B2B commerce, and video game streaming. The company has merged its business segments into one and made its entry into the untapped field of gaming, which looks highly promising.

Tuning into the power of a modern game console, Amazon is upgrading from its already owned Twitch, (the video game streaming platform), to a gaming system which would be unimpeded by late downloads, or buying disc. The cloud technology would make your game breathe on some of the most powerful servers that are remotely located from you house.

Users only need a fast internet connection, instead of an expensive graphics card to experience Amazon cloud gaming service. Fueling the gaming battle are Amazon’s head-to-head major tech competitions, having similar aspirations. Names such as Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft (Project xCloud) have a strong market presence in the domain. Google is also working on a cloud project, known as Project Stream, which it states is “a technical test to solve some of the biggest challenges of streaming.” Amazon, however, promises an infrastructure, which is better equipped for cloud gaming than Google or Sony.

Sony plans to capitalize on Amazon’s global dominance and is expecting a tie-up with the firm. Amazon has been extensively devoting its business operations to artificial intelligence for quite some time. Mainly it aims “to improve our ability to predict what customers are ordering and place it in the right place,” says Wilke, “And also to improve the efficiency and speed with which we get things to consumers.

As one of the best emerging technologies, Artificial Intelligence is taking digital experience to a whole new level and Amazon knows how to point it in its favor.



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