BGR Mining shared its ongoing project details

On the journey of becoming the world’s leading coal extractor, BGR Mining has 15 ongoing projects spread across the country. The company aims to finish the projects before their respective deadlines as a testament of their speed and efficiency. Though the execution involves a cost-efficient approach, there is no compromise whatsoever on the environmental as well as production factors. The details of the projects are as follows:-

BGR Mining in Jharkhand

  • Dobari Colliery – Completed

The project was completed on January 27, 2015 with OB coal quantity as follows (in LBCM/L Tons): Drilling- 79.953, Coal- 187.610, and OB- 856.770. The company was employed by Bharat Coking Coal Limited and ended the project in 72 months.

  • Amrapali OCP Coal Extraction – Completed

The project was completed in just 36 months with OB coal quantity of 150 LBCM/L. Another project by Central Coalfields Limited, the project ended on February 8, 2014.

BGR Mining in Uttar Pradesh

  • Khadia OCP

With Northern Coalfields Limited as the employer, this project commenced 36 months before August 4, 2014. The OB coal quantity stood at 290.090 LBCM/L Tons.

  • Dughichua OCP

It took 36 months to complete this project. Another one by Northern Coalfields Limited, the OB coal quantity was 680.70 LBCM/L Tons.

BGR Mining in Madhya Pradesh

  • Block B OCP, Gorbi

Northern Coalfields Limited employed BGR Mining to start this project in 2011. The company completed this project on November 8, 2014 with 1,069 LBCM/L Tons OB Coal.

BGR Mining in Gujarat

  • Umarsar Lignite Project

50.000 LBCM/L Tons of Lignite was mined for GMDC (Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation). The project lasted for 60 months and ended on September 29, 2014.

BGR Mining in Odisha

  • Lakhanpur OCP

In 36 months, 79.270 LBCM/L Ton coal was excavated and 264.940 LBCM/L Ton coal transported. BGR was employed by Mahanandi Coalfields Limited and the project ended on November 15, 2015.

BGR Mining in Telangana

  • Srirampur OCP

Employed by SCCL, the project was completed on June 1, 2013, 36 months after its beginning. The quantity of OB Coal mined was 535.729 LBCM/L Ton.

BGR Mining in Tamil Nadu

  • Block-1, Neyveli

For Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited, 656 LBCM/L Ton OB Coal was mined by BGR Mining. The project commenced 2 years before its completion on September 1, 2015.

About the company

BGR Mining and Infra is one of India’s leading coal mining companies based in Hyderabad. It was envisioned in 1988 to execute engineering projects. However, they entered the mining business in 1990. Their services include mining, blasting, drilling, extracting, cleaning, illuminating mine areas, mine planning, haul/service roads and others. The company has achieved various milestones throughout their career under the leadership of four directors: Dheeraj Reddy, Kartik Reddy, Rohit Reddy Bathina, and Deepak Reddy. As a testament of BGR’s achievements, the company registered a turnover of Rs. 16.21 billion during 2015-16


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