Connecting All India lead experts speak: 5 steps to successful lead generation using FM radio

Lead generation through FM Radio: Connecting All India

A fair section of people including the baby boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y, still listen to the radio. Those who can’t afford a smartphone still use radios to entertain themselves and get updates on the world around them. This is why the radio is still a formidable channel of communication.
Freelancers associated with Connecting All India (CAI) have used the radio to generate mountains of leads successfully.

They advise that there are 5 primary steps:

The content

The radio content should be attractive. “Consider assigning a good production team that delivers high-quality voiceovers and an attention-grabbing sound design,” explains a freelancer from CAI. Avoid sped up voiceovers at all costs. Radio listeners find them extremely annoying and the lead generator is unable to convey his/her message clearly. The message should be clear, concise, and discernable from the music.

Consistent air-time

People commute to their workplaces between six and ten. These four hours serve as the best time to air an advertisement and people tend to tune-in more during their commute. It’s the same with the time between five o’clock and seven. To get more lead entries, the frequency of air-time should be more.


A radio competition with cash prize attracts the most listeners. Announcing a contest on the radio will invite a huge amount of leads to try out their luck. However, this also incites responses from leads that are not quite useful. The contest creator needs to ensure a smooth and easy competition where everyone can take part, since the aim is to harvest the most leads.


Experts from Connecting All India suggest that once the calls start rolling in, a team needs to be ready to monitor the incoming leads. They’ll be responsible for categorizing the leads and following up to turn them into successful prospects.


This is an important part that runs parallel to monitoring and also follows it. The lead generation team needs to generate a report that addresses various significant statistics. CAI lead specialist Arun Soni says that the report should furbish age, region, and interests of the leads primarily, so proper profiling can be done.

The radio may be failing to online music services like Wynk Music or Gaana, but it’s still one of the best ways to communicate. When the internet goes down, people switch to the radio automatically. Using the radio to collect leads might seem archaic but it helps lead generators find opportunities in unlikely places.


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