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Emirates Touches New Heights this Christmas

The holiday season is full of possibilities, from pleasant surprises to endearing advertisements. This time around, too, as the world embraced the ushering of cold winds and travellers world over distress over flight delays and cancellations, Emirates managed to plaster smiles on all of our faces with an attention-grabbing advertisement that netizens can’t stop gushing about.

True to the spirit of Christmas celebrations, the Emirates recently shared the festive joy through a video shared on Instagram showing a herd of reindeer sleighing an Airbus A-380 aircraft on the tarmac and into the sky. As an added bonus, the plane is topped with a massive Santa hat. “Captain Claus, requesting permission for take-off. Merry Christmas from Emirates,” read the caption. It was an incredible sight to behold and resonated with the holiday spirit all over the world.

Most users were amazed at how Emirates pulled it off but rightly so; it is a gift of the CGI tech. For the video, the Gulf airline partnered with Dubai-based content creator Mostafa Eldiasty, a renowned visual effects artist who goes by the name of @100.Pixels on Instagram.

But it indeed served as a fantastic way to wish Merry Christmas, as the video has garnered over 15 million views. People loved the concept and shared wishes in the comments section as well. Many wrote that they thought the clip was real at first glance. The ad was global in its appeal and has hence garnered over 13 Lakh likes on the Meta-owned social media platform. It was an incredible feat and highlighted the sheer creative power of the advertising industry.

The advent of the internet has broken the obstacles between brands and customers. However, the post-pandemic dependency on social media and the reel culture has led to the goldfish effect on our attention spans. Therefore, brands constantly look for more sophisticated and innovative ways to create and retain a connection with customers. Marketers’ capacity to reach their audiences directly via modern technology has led to a radical shift in the methods they use to develop advertising campaigns in order to capture and sustain attention. Lincoln, a vehicle company in the United States, has been using CGI for a while now. In contrast, Jo Malone, a cosmetics company, has recently made the transition from photography to CGI to advertise its products internationally.

This shift towards CGI in marketing campaigns reflects the modern consumer’s need for eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing visuals that capture and retain their attention for a more extended period of time.


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