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Flipkart joins health race with launch of new Flipkart Health+ app

A report released by Arthur D. Little, a global consultancy firm, and NATHEALTH paints a bright future for India’s fast-evolving digital healthcare industry.

As per the Digital Health report, the promise of a universal, affordable and quality healthcare has driven the widespread adoption of digital technology by traditional healthcare companies. In a post-pandemic world, the public’s preference for a patient-centric and personalized healthcare system that is both widely and easily accessible has opened new avenues for growth.

India’s digital healthcare market is worth nearly $500 million, and the Digital Health report estimates that by 2030 the country would have approximately 1 billion healthcare. It is, therefore, not surprising that some of the biggest conglomerates, including Amazon, Reliance Industries and the Tata Group, are vying for a piece of the action.

The homegrown e-commerce giant has decided to throw in its hat into the ring, with the launch of its very own Flipkart Health+ app. The new tech-platform will be under Flipkart Health+, the company’s digital healthcare services. The introduction of the app will allow for the seamless and easy access to quality and affordable medicines and health products available on Flipkart Health+.

In an official statement, Flipkart stated that it plans to serve customers across 20,000 pin codes in India, while leveraging the expertise and experience of the Group’s reach and distribution network to ensure last-mile supply chain capabilities.

The Health+ platform will also entertain more independent sellers that have a network of registered pharmacists to guarantee accurate and legal dispensation of medicines and prescriptions. As part of quality control, various checks and verification protocols will be implemented to facilitate on-time delivery of genuine medicine and health products right up to the customer’s doorstep.

Commenting on the launch of the app, CEO of Flipkart Health+, Prashant Jhaveri stated that the move was aimed towards addressing the emerging gap of accessibility to genuine medicines and health services in the country.

“We want to leverage technology in a way that strengthens the healthcare ecosystem and enables it to serve customers better by making accessibility to healthcare simpler even for those residing in distant areas of the country and contributing towards a healthier India,” he added.

Flipkart Health+ app will initially be available on the Android Play Store, before being released for the iOS platform as well.

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