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IndiGo Airline may see a few more resignations of Indian executives in coming months

The hiring of expatriate in last couple of year is speculated as the major sore point of exit of Indian from IndiGo’s key management position. It has been reported that within a period of 1 month, 3 key management heads have resigned from low cost airline. Ajay Jasra, corporate communication head of the airline resigned 2 week prior to resignation of CEO Aditya Ghosh, which followed the exit of head of pilot training Captain Sanjiv Bhalla. “

“Captain Sanjiv Bhalla, chief pilot training, standards and quality assurance has also resigned from IndiGo,” said a source, on condition of anonymity. . ”

After Ghosh resignation, Greg Taylor has been appointed as CEO of the company. Greg joined as an advisor and will be made president and CEO after regulatory approvals are in place.

Indigo has hired and assigned expats at various position in company over a period of two years that include Willy Boulter, chief strategy officer, Michael Swiatek, chief planning officer, Jason Herter, vice-president, operations control centre and dispatch, and Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, chief operating officer.

This speculation has, however, been denied by co-promoter and interim CEO Rahul Bhatia and Ghosh too.

“Aditya had been saying for the past few months that he wanted to get off the treadmill of running an airline, and the board finally had to accede to his wish. Aditya was at the helm all these years and we will miss him, but the company will not miss a heartbeat — the transition will be seamless,” Rahul Bhatia had told in an interview. “In the areas of network planning and revenue management, India doesn’t have resident expertise and we had to bring talent from overseas who have deep functional knowledge,” He added.

Aditya Ghosh also justified the hiring of expats by saying that it is a process of evolution. “We need to put together strong building blocks for the future. As we have been saying for awhile, we have to build a world-class team that draws talent from all over the world. That would mean attracting the best, irrespective of which passport they carry.”



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