Inspiring Journey of REL CEO Rajesh Mehta: The Gold Mogul is India’s 57th Richest Person


Entrepreneurship is no cakewalk. It requires unswerving honesty, integrity and dedication to chase the vision. Rajesh Mehta, the founder chairman of Rajesh Export Ltd (REL) is a thinker, a leader, and a doer who has left no stone unturned to build his dream of ruling over the major global gold markets.

Founded in 1989, REL has carved a niche for itself in the global jewellery market by manufacturing and marketing best quality, exclusively-designed jewellery for customers from across the globe. Today, the company is considered the biggest gold processor in the world, with a refining capacity of a whopping 2,400 tons annually.

The credit for the exemplary success of REL goes to the 51-year old distinguished businessman Rajesh Mehta. This well-known gold-jewelry exporter, along with his brother Prashant Mehta, has worked against all odds to make REL a global leader in the gold business.

Rajesh Mehta joined his father’s Bangalore-based business at an early age. He assisted his father in supplying accessories and artificial gems to jewelers.The journey from being an observant teen to becoming India’s 57th richest man with a net worth of $1.1 billion is truly commendable.

Rajesh Mehta, CEO REL, handles his business with aplomb. He says, “We don’t believe in showing off. We believe in stretching our assets, and in growth.”On being questioned about the principle son which he runs his business, Mehta replies, “My inspiration comes from a family that’s running a restaurant or a shop. They work hard, they stretch their resources. The idea is to bring that attitude into a big company.”

An experience of 30 years in running the jewellery business makes Rajesh Mehta, MD REL,the right choice for various gold and jewellery organizations,as well as government and trade bodies to seek his advice.

Numerous accolades bestowed upon REL for its exceptional performance and significant presence in the gold and jewellery sector deserves a mention here.

Rajesh Mehta spends around 18 hours in the office and straddles REL’s entire value chain from mining to refining to retailing. The brother-duo ensures that they move ahead together in clockwork precision, for with success comes new challenges knocking at their door every day!


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