Journey of Micromax from feature phones to building an ecosystem of services

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We see numerous options in single category. It creates a chaos, but we still go for the one we trust the most. Micromax has taken that place amongst Indian audience regarding smart phones. Rahul Sharma started this company at time when Nokia was a market leader with more than 70% market shares in mobile devices. Sharma recently narrated this story in “Techcircle Startup 2015”.

Micromax Informatics Ltd was a company which started for distribution of Nokia handsets. That long walk of success is still going on with being the largest home grown competitor for mobile handsets. Rahul Sharma talked about the times when his father was a school principal and he had a dream to do something big. That’s why he came up with the idea of Micromax. He told the audience that one of his co-founders asked him that ‘Who would buy a phone with ‘Micromax’ written on it?’ and answer is loud and clear now.

He didn’t forget to mention the biggest achievements for his company’s sales by now, i.e. they sold 10,000 handsets in short span of 10 days only; their first generation canvas was overbooked and lots more. Sharma claims that the tablet and smart phone maker has been successful because of its focus on addressing customer needs. And they are doing it by offering state-of-the-art technology at affordable price.

Micromax is now on the track for its Micromax 3.0 which aims at building an ecosystem of services. Before Micromax 3.0, they worked upon Micromax 1.0 and Micromax 2.0. In first phase, feature phones were introduced and smart phones in the second. Latest phase Micromax 3.0 is a plan to take on the service market.

To conclude his keynote, Sharma motivated the enthusiastic entrepreneurs with, “Do not let your passion wane; passion is what investors look for when they put in money”.


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