Aastha Group CMD Mohit Aggarwal Strengthens the Green Movement with his new Biomass Venture

It’s imperative to reduce the carbon footprint, or else we might experience another deluge soon. The CMD of Aastha Group, Mohit Aggarwal understands that the threat of global warming is real. He recently announced his plans to expand the Aastha Group infrastructure by including the Biomass industry. Apart from being a profitable venture, this move will win Mohit Aggarwal compliments from conservationists.

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Mohit Aggarwal, CMD Aastha Group

Biomass refers to the fuel that can be obtained from organic matter. It can be used for the production of power and macrobiotic fertilizers. The best part about using biomass is its carbon footprint, which is closer to zilch. Moreover, biomass can curb a nation’s dependency on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources. It seems Mohit Aggarwal’s vision is to develop huge bio-refineries that will transform copious amounts of biomass into a large variety of bio-products, just like oil refineries.
The only catch of using biomass is to use cleared land. Sometimes, incinerating a forest to clear land can be more harmful to the cause of reducing carbon footprints. It’s better to use an already-cleared land that is not being utilized for another purpose. Additionally, if there are no basic crops, there will be no agricultural wastes to be used as biofuels. The scope of using animal wastes is not very large since the production is diminutive. With Mohit Aggarwal’s willful resolve, Aastha group looks ready to meet these challenges head-on.
Founded in 2004 Aastha Group specializes in steel, construction, and thermal power industries. They’re one of the biggest companies in India that import coal from USA, Mozambique, Indonesia, Australia, and South Africa. As a major acquisition and trading company, Aastha group is moving progressively towards other service sectors such as information technology, shipping, education, and real estate. You can know more about Aastha group here.

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