Naveen Kumar, Munirah Looi sign M&A for joint GBS venture

Naveen Kumar, founder and CEO of Nityo Infotech, an US-headquartered IT Services Company, entered in a joint venture with Munirah Looi, the founder and CEO of Brandt International Sdn Bhd to form Brandt Global Business Services. According to the M&A signed between the two parties, Nityo Infotech has a 49% stake in Looi’s company. This deal is aligned with the individual vision of the companies to scale their footprint across the globe.

Though Naveen Kumar didn’t reveal the figures corresponding to the percentage of stake, the merger eyes optimized end-to-end solutions to their clientele. As reported by DNA, Kumar said, “There is great synergy between our two brands that we feel will greatly benefit our customers and employees. This merger and joint-venture further strengthens our vision to make Malaysia one of the key global software development and outsourcing hubs on cutting edge technologies for Nityo with 10,000 software/customer experience evangelists in Malaysia by 2020.”

Considering the exponentially growing technological ecosystem, Global Business Solutions (GBS) offered by the new company will enhance Looi’s original vision of tapping into the Asian markets. Apart from the workforce and IT outsourcing, Brandt Global Business Services will also provide DevOps assistance. ICT professionals will play an important role in executing the missions required to achieve Malaysia’s vision of Naveen Kumar. We hope to grow the workforce in Malaysia beyond 3,000 by end 2019 and the target is to scale up to 6,000 by 2020 just for the BPO sector,” Kumar added.

In order to facilitate that, the introduction of skill enhancing programs for young guns is on the cards within 2-3 years. Not only this will strengthen the domain knowledge of an individual, it will also help in identifying the upgrades required in their skill set with time. Successful execution of this program, along with other initiatives, will help Brandt Global Business Solutions present themselves as a high end BPO.

Services like data analytics, HR, IT, Finance and other combined with organization setup, well-defined roles, and post-merger integration will help separate the joint-venture from other competitors. Global Business Solutions, as a fundamental concept, are implemented either with a dedicated cost cutting approach or to add strategic value to the company in terms of mergers, talent acquisitions, service expansions, and market presence.

An advanced level of shared services, it helps the user contact a single entity for any service required instead of dedicated individual counterparts. This provides an improved user experience and streamlines the workflow for both the parties.

As reported by DNA, Munirah Looi said, “We are excited to partner with Nityo Infotech with the strategic intent to grow and multiply our capabilities and expertise in this region and beyond. Our team is extremely excited to be working together to deliver even better value to the market.”


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