PM Modi vowed the tech crowd at Silicon Valley, says US media

, Business Hour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has grabbed the attention of the whole world with his interactions with tech experts of Silicon Valley. The PM has got a pride of place by US media and a rockstar-like reception by the Indian diaspora at California.

The New York Times said that Modi had conquered the tech Mecca. In a story headlined “Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, Conquers Silicon Valley”, the influential daily noted he “came to Silicon Valley over the weekend and wooed and wowed the tech crowd”.

With Modi spending time in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Times said his visit “was a contrast to the command performance that China’s leader, Xi Jinping, had technology chief executives put on for him last week”.

It indicated “Modi’s desire to build up India as a tech destination”, the daily said suggesting “PM Modi may well get his wish, as companies including Facebook and Google are racing to get into India after being shut out of China”.

The Washington Post said Silicon Valley had become “a must-see destination for world leaders.

“Modi’s trip to Silicon Valley — the first to California by any Indian leader in more than 30 years — signals the rising influence and economic power wielded by this technology hotbed,” it said.

Modi’s visit “was partly a recognition of the tremendous Indian influence at tech firms”, the Post said noting, “Nearly 16% of tech startups have Indian founders” and “Indians and Indian Americans make up an outsize proportion of the tech workforce”.

“India offers a tantalizing opportunity for tech firms such as Apple, Google and Facebook,” it said noting, “India has 1.25 billion residents but lags far behind the United States in the digital infrastructure needed to spur its online economy”.


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