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Pranav Gupta, Ashoka University Founder addresses – Adult education and literacy is crucial for professional development

Adult education and literacy constitutes educational programmes and initiatives aimed at assisting people in improving their knowledge and skill-set. These programmes might be aimed for individuals who have not completed their formal education or at those who desire to gain new skills and enhance their literacy. “Adult education offers senior learners the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, acquire new skills, and get valuable credentials. It is a crucial aspect of professional growth, especially for seniors who want to progress in their careers or acquire new skills to keep up with the ever-changing workplace,” opines Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Founder.

A broad range of courses, from fundamental reading and arithmetic skills to more specialized subjects like vocational education, digital literacy and language learning, can be covered in adult education and literacy programmes that can be offered through schools, colleges, community groups and other institutions. One of the key advantages of adult education and training is that it allows individuals to learn at their own pace. This is especially important for seniors who may have other responsibilities, such as caring for family members or pursuing other interests. With adult education and training, they have the freedom to make their own schedules and progress at their own pace that is comfortable for them.

Adult education allows individuals to learn new skills and gain knowledge relevant to their industry. They can do this to maintain their professional relevance and competitiveness in the employment market. For instance, senior professional seeking career advancement may desire to enroll in courses that will enable him to gain the expertise and information necessary to assume greater responsibilities. Pranav Gupta states, “Seniors who pursue adult education and training may be able to perform better at work. They can improve their effectiveness and efficiency at work by learning new knowledge and skills. This may result in increased career prospects and employment satisfaction. It can help them remain active in the employment market and enhance their overall performance at work.”

Adult education and training is essential for professionals at all stages of their careers. It gives people the chance to gather new knowledge and be relevant in their industry, which may enhance their careers and boost their performance at work. Adult education can also assist seniors in maintaining their level of commitment and motivation in work while experiencing a sense of development and accomplishment by expanding their knowledge and learning new things. Along with professional satisfaction, fulfillment, better jobs and money on an individual level, adult education and literacy programmes can support societal development by lowering poverty and inequality, enhancing public health and safety, and promoting social and economic advancement.

Ashoka University’s AshokaX Certificate Programme is an initiative that recognizes the need for working professionals to stay up to date on the most recent studies to address problems of the 21st century. The AshokaX team has created Professional Certificates, which are 12 to 14 week courses to gain depth in a specific field. The intellectually demanding course options of AshokaX Online Certificates are aimed at working professionals of all age groups. The certificates are intended to give students a solid intellectual certification they may use for their professions, pursue further education or for their own professional growth.

“At Ashoka, we aim to provide a solid platform that will satisfy the need for knowledge of a lifelong learner. The learning environment is secure and the platform draws learners from different backgrounds. For people at all phases, it provides a unique experience thanks to a fantastic cohort, engaging teachers, and a blend of theoretical and practical learning. We recognize the importance of adult education and literacy, and we aim to improve knowledge and skill sets in order to assist people succeed in their jobs and play an active role in society,” shares Pranav Gupta Ashoka University Founder.

Despite the many advantages of adult education and literacy, many individuals still lack the key skills required to effectively engage in society. This may be because of adults not having appropriate access to education along with various obstacles such as poverty, ill health, a lack of time or desire. “Governments, people and institutions must together come together, collaborate and take steps to promote adult education and literacy and make sure that adults have the resources and assistance they need to learn and advance in life,” adds Pranav Gupta.


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