Rajesh Exports MD eyes bigger pie in retail sector, plans expansion of Shubh Jewellers stores

“Our prices are 5-6 per cent lower than other jewelers because we are a vertically integrated company and incur costs of 2.5-3 per cent while our competitors incur 11-12 per cent cost.”
-Rajesh Exports MD

Shubh Jewellers, the retail jewelry chain by Rajesh Exports, one of the leading gold companies in the world, is making a difference by changing the gold retail sector altogether. With over 80 stores in Karnataka, the retail chain is likely to open many more stores across pan India.

Regulating around 35 per cent of the global gold business, the company has already made a mark in the jewelry arena. Expanding their services, Rajesh Exports MD, Prashant Mehta plans to make their presence felt throughout in the retail sector.

A move that differentiates the company from other gold manufacturing names is the rate per gram policy. The customers at Shubh Jewellers are charged the original rate per gram without any additional or hidden charges.

With annual exports of more than Rs 20,000-crore, Rajesh Exports is changing the dynamics of the gold industry. Producing up to 250 tons of jewelry every year, the company led by Rajesh Mehta is also the world’s largest gold refiner. Rajesh Exports achieved this feat when it acquired Valcambi, the prior largest gold refiner in the world, based in Switzerland. The move also enabled Rajesh Exports to obtain raw materials at a cheaper rate.

Shubh Jewellers stores are amongst the highest demanded in the state of Karnataka, and Prashant Mehta is contriving to deliver the same excellence at a global level. With the rise in gold demand, and the expansion of Shubh retail stores, it plans to be at the numero uno in retail.


12 Comments on Rajesh Exports MD eyes bigger pie in retail sector, plans expansion of Shubh Jewellers stores

  1. Great read. The gold market is certainly at a point where more local brands are needed. Expansion of Shubh Jewelers by Rajesh Exports is a positive read.

  2. USP such as rate per gram makes Shubh Jewellers a preferred name. Expansion in retail is a positive move that will certainly be acknowledged by many buyers.

  3. More local brands means more money regulated within the country. Shubh Jewelers going beyond Karnataka is certainly good news.

  4. Great GO by Rajesh Exports,Shubh is one of the most renowned brand in the state of Karnataka.

  5. Good to know that this brand is looking forward to expand its operations.

  6. Rajesh Exports is literally changing the dynamics of the gold industry. Good to know that Shubh Jewellers one of the most renowned brand of Karnataka is looking forward to expand its operations.

  7. Very good to know about the expansion. Being from Bangalore I can say that yes I also have had a firsthand experience of Shubh Jewellers services.

  8. Brands need to make such moves in order to make it big in the market. Being the world’s largest gold regulator is no small thing.

  9. Rajesh Exports and companies like this are an inspiration to the country’s upcoming businesses. Nice piece and positive news.

  10. My personal experience with Rajesh Exports has been wonderful. The company seems to have found the right mojo in this sector. They are surely on course to expansion and greater profits with the kind of popularity they have garnered.

  11. There is no better gold manufacturer in India. Rajesh Exports have done a decent job with their USP of price per gram. There are no making charges, hence the people get attracted to their extremely beautiful designs, paving the way for their expansion.

  12. It’s a good news for other states after the success of Shubh Jewelers in Karnataka. Way to go.


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