Ratul Puri Committed Towards Making Nation More Clean and Green

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Ratul Puri HPPPL: Lack of stable energy is one the many issues that plagues the Indian subcontinent. The mixture of poverty, hunger, and shortage of electricity acts as the key deterrent in India’s rural evolution. Around the globe, only a handful of people are devising innovative strategies to quench the power-necessity of the population. Among these artful individuals is Ratul Puri, the chairman of Hindustan Power-projects Private Ltd (HPPPL). HPPPL is a trusted name in the field of electrical power development. They started their journey eight years ago in 2008. Currently, their total assets are worth Rs 14,500 crore.   

Ratul Puri’s leadership has set HPPPL on a path to push non-conventional energy sources out of the shadows. HPPPL’s investment in solar and hydro power plants apart from thermal energy plays a huge and important role in forming India’s green blueprint. His vision illustrates the resourceful meeting of India’s energy woes and the output of inexhaustible solar plants, thus solving the enormous power crisis. Ratul Puri has won numerous awards and has also represented India at the World Economic Forum. He has also the proud recipient of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Ratul Puri’s concern for the environment and local junta is well known from his statement to the press:

“In all infrastructure projects, there is a significant connect with the people hence it is very important to understand the needs of the society, especially areas in and around the projects” 

The numbers are overwhelming. According to his statement, HPPPL’ 31.5 MW solar power project, costing Rs 202 crore has been commissioned. This grand project will generate 50 million units of clean and renewable energy with zero carbon footprint. Their aim is to create a pool of 2000 MW energy with an investment of Rs 16,000 crore. Recently, the chairman also mentioned the order of a 50 MW solar plant in Mansa, Punjab.

The Market often wonders how such a feat is managed by this energy tycoon. To answer, Hindustan Clean Energy Limited (HCEL) (clean energy division of HPPPL) has raised a capital of $ 130 million from Farallon Capital Management and Merrill Lynch Bank of America. This will help them fund new projects and pay existing loans.  

Everything points to India’s bright future in the power and energy sector. It will only take a matter of few years for Ratul Puri HPPPL to rise to the top of the competitive pyramid.


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