Reliance Group Chairman Anil Ambani seeks apology from 3 employees and families

reliance group chairman, anil ambani

The chairman of Reliance Group, Anil Ambani, has expressed relief and has apologized to three senior executives Gautam Doshi, MD, Reliance Group, and senior vice-presidents Hari Nair and Surinder Pipara who were accused in the 2G spectrum case, and their families.

After seven years of going through an indescribable anguish, the Special CBI Court has acquitted the three of all charges on December 21. Mr. Ambani further expressed relief that ultimately justice has been served where the truth had become misty due to public perception.

 “On behalf of our entire group, I wish to sincerely empathize with and apologize to Gautambhai, Hari Nair and Surinder Pipara and their families for the indescribable anguish and distress they have undergone.”

“And I am proud and humbled that throughout these testing times, we have demonstrated exemplary solidarity and stood together by our colleagues in their battle for truth and justice,” Mr. Ambani wrote in the letter. “I am delighted that justice has finally been done in the Special CBI Court in the widely publicized 2G spectrum case. Our three senior colleagues have been rightfully acquitted after close to seven agonizing years of trial by media and distorted public perception,” the Reliance Group Chairman said.

The Reliance Group’s Chairman, who has been mandated to sell its telecom and power generation businesses due to the burden of high debt, also announced the firm’s future plans in defense, infrastructure and financial services businesses.

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