Smart packaging can do wonders to your Brand image

When the success of a product is believed to be imminent, they say it’s “in the packaging”, and rightly so just like the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.Especially in the era, where ‘shopper’s experience is king’ and every in-store and product aspect is reckoned as an opportunity to lure and delight the customer, says Zedpack Pvt Ltd, the flexible packaging market leader. This is where the notion of ‘smart packaging’ steps in.

Non Woven Bags, ZedPack Pvt Ltd

Transcending the role of a mere protection of a product, packaging is more of a passive salesman for it.

Says a spokesperson from the Zedpack Group: “What a customer carries out of the store is the final indicator of his shopping experience. More than a simple seal or a medium of getting things home, the shopping bag and product packaging encapsulates the voice and tone of the brand. It adds to the shopper’s experience, extending it way beyond the walls of a store.”

The idea of product packaging and shopping bags is evolving, just like the language of retail marketing and packaging is getting smarter than ever with digital marketing. Manufacturers have started investing a lot of time and energy in developing the merchandise before it finally hits the store. Various state-of-the-art packaging systems, also referred to as intelligent or smart packaging, are making life easier for the consumer by offering quality, stability, endurance, aesthetics, functionality and safety of a product. An array of flexible packaging solutions by companies like Zedpack for products like rice, flour, spices, pulses, tea, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, promotional items, shopping bags and cosmetics, help in conquering challenges like freshness and counterfeiting.

Selecting the right bag for your business and packaging for the products is an important branding and marketing strategy. It assumes the importance of paramount form of advertising in the process of buying a product. Also, the aggressively shrewd business world where your opponents won’t spare a chance to encroach upon your clientele makes it important for you to be updated with your marketing techniques.

Recounting the pros of smart packaging, Zedpack Group emphasizes that it comes with an indisputable advantage of attracting greater attention, intensifying perception, stimulating and compelling the customer’s interest in buying. Recent studies show that a majority of the customers walking into a store to buy a product are unknowingly influenced by its packaging. They also show how it plays a major role in determining the success or failure of a product.There have been many instances where the role of packaging in increasing sales is clearly evident.This is one of the major reasons as to why many brands conduct extensive research on color schemes, designs and types of product packaging for appealing to their intended customers.

Needless to say, anything that is instrumental in enhancing your brand value and expanding the reach of your business,is something you should invest in.







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