Thermo group celebrates 15 years with the launch of the line mystic

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CA Thermo Group praises 15 years giving answers for the consideration, upkeep and beautification of the hair, with the relaunch of the expert line Mystic, supported by the most imaginative and forefront methods and advances that guarantee particular arrangements.

Thermo Group has a novel learning of the distinctive sorts of hair, their instruments and particular needs. As indicated by Samuel Chocron, President of Thermo Group, “because of this one of a kind ordeal, we can grow cutting edge items associating wellbeing, productivity and imagination.”

The Mystic portfolio incorporates Shampoo with Hydrolyzed Protein; Hydrolyzed Keratin conditioners; Honey-based silicones, keratin and Oliva; Thermal splash to saturate and anticipate harm to the structure Capiral; Blisters with creative fixings (Snail, spermaceti, Placenta Ovejo, goat drain and milk Foca, among others); Intensive medicines; Repairers of tips and more than 50 colors. All created to address the issues of each hair sort.

As indicated by Michel Edery, Vice President of the organization, “the vital relaunch arrangement mulls over the situating in the nation and the opening of new Latin American markets.” Currently the online Mystic sent out to Colombia, United States, Panama and Dominican Republic.

To fortify the vicinity of Mystic in Venezuela, the organization has outlined an arrangement of interest in media, through a blend including POS advancements, raid into interpersonal organizations (Facebook and Twitter), productions in magazines Fashion and Beauty and rules on open TV. Actually the business conceptualized and delivered by Pulse organization, is disclosed on Venevision, Globovision and Venevision Plus.


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  • MajandraDelfino 03 / 03 / 2016 Reply

    Thermo Group have covered a great journey. Expert line Mystic is very good collection.

  • AmbarCannicco 24 / 02 / 2016 Reply

    Mystic is doing great in hair beautification. Good jobs guys.


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