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Uflex Grabs Headlines Yet Again, Scores Breakthrough with Flexfresh Liner Bag Trial

Uflex recently introduced Flexfresh AMAP (active modified atmospheric packaging) liner bags that have achieved a major trial completion. As part of the trial, the flex packaging giant partnered with a European retail chain. Blueberries were packed in the liner bags and the shipment was sent across from South America to Europe. Upon the arrival of the shipment, the recorded results were astonishing with an average weight loss of merely 19.96 percent. The Flexfresh packaging showed a reduction of about 96 percent in the weight loss as compared to the conventional packing system.

Flexfresh is a polymeric packaging film, specially manufactured by Uflex to securely pack fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. The firm’s partner, Perforate, offers a respiration meter to measure the respiration rate of the fresh produce, in combination with associated software to calculate required permeability of the film. The solution is ideal to maintain the perfect balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen within the liner bags, and maintain the freshness quotient and shelf life of the produce.

The recent shipment trial was aimed at determining the possibility of shipping and storing fresh produce (blueberries, in this case) for seven weeks when packaged in Flexfresh liner bag. Punnet bags were used for shipping blueberries, both with and without Flexfresh liner bags. The analysis revealed that after seven weeks, blueberries in the liner bags were still fresh and crunchy. Meanwhile, those packed in punnets alone had mostly collapsed, and become moldy.

After the successful trial of Flexfresh carried out by Ashok Chaturvedi-led Uflex more business enquiries starting flowing in. The aim of keeping fresh produce retained was considered successful for the fact that sulphur pads were not used in the process, which tend to cause irritation when consuming the produce.

Ashok Chaturvedi, the Uflex MD has taken the firm to great heights with not just his intelligent ideas, but also with strategic associations. The company has taken over various arenas by experimenting with its flex packaging solutions.

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