VridhCare: Delhi-based NGO for senior citizens accelerating its philanthropic impact amid the pandemic

Ritika Pathak

, CSR Hour

The best thing about youth is its energy and verve and therefore, you have full control of your life during this phase. However, with the dawn of the golden years, our health declines, refraining us from pursuing anything despite our will. The situation is worse for those elders who have been abandoned by their families, compelling them to live a life of rejection and loneliness.

In India, a number of senior citizens are forced to live that way and according to various surveys drawn by experts, over 65 per cent of old people are poor with no source of income. This has been exacerbated by the outbreak of the pandemic leaving thousands of them homeless with many others trying to make ends meet amid the growing concerns over their health while trying to cope up with the challenges of self-isolation. The situation is no different for those sheltered at old aged homes with shortage of funding from corporate firms.

In light of all these situations, VridhCare, an NGO for senior citizens in Delhi, has been accelerating the impact of its philanthropic activities across the capital and the nearby states to bring its help to as many elders as possible. From covid-19 preventive items like sanitizers and masks to grocery items and daily essentials, it has been donating what is the direst at testing times like today for senior citizens. Among the old aged homes where VridhCare has recently extended its help include MIW Foundation, Sahyog Jagriti Sansthan, the Earth Sviours Foundation, Tau Devi Lal Old Age Home and Prerna Sewa Vridh Ashram, to name a few. For those elders who have fallen into homelessness amid the pandemic, this Delhi NGO for senior citizens arranges shelter at retirement homes and organisations that it is associated with.

While these initiatives have been undertaken considering the elders’ plight amid the pandemic, usually, VridhCare also facilitates skill building opportunities for the elderly to ultimately make them financially independent. Based on their skills, the NGO, through its partnership with various corporate firms, offers them job opportunities.

Owing to its dedicated team of volunteers and staff members, VridhCare has been able to make significant impact in the lives of several elders throughout the years however, its long term vision is to bridge the colossal socio-economic gap between the young and old generation that is highly prevalent in today’s times. It seeks to create a world that is devoid of elderly abuse and destitution.


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