Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune Promoting Gender Justice


Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune is conducting a training programme for counselors on 12th September 2015 from 11 am to 5:30 pm under the guidelines of Prof. Dr. Mukund Sarda, Dean, Faculty of Law and the principal of New Law college, Pune. . The basic idea behind this programme is to promote gender justice. It will be held at New Law College, Pune Auditorium , Erandwane campus, paund road , Pune-83. It is a renowned educational institution for higher studies which offers various courses in medical, nursing, engineering, management, arts and science field. The university is awarded ‘A’ grade status by M.H.R.D, Govt. of India and Gold star award by BCI. The New Law college, Pune is at present amongst India’s best law schools

The main focus of the programme is on Family courts act and the role of counselors. Further, it will acquaint the people with innovative methods of counseling. It will bring forth the issues like counselor and gender justice. It will also brief the audience about the judicial guidelines for counselors while resolving matrimonial differences. The programme will spread awareness about women empowerment through legal education with its focus on the challenges faced and the different perspectives regarding this subject. The legal discourse on gender justice and the role of counselors in resolving matrimonial differences will be delivered by honorable justice Dr. Shalini Phansalkar Joshi in Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune.

According to Dr. Mukund Sarda “  The College has continued to provide the most inspiring faculty and has achieved commendable placements. We endeavor to stand by the pedestal of “Best Law School” which the College has earned . The programme to promote gender justice is a commendable step by the college for a great cause. It is a great opportunity for the counselors to expand their area of knowledge under the guidelines of the honorable justice Dr. Shalini Phansalkar Joshi.  It will bring about a change and promote the great cause of gender justice and focus on women empowerment.”


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  • Risabh Thakur 25 / 09 / 2015 Reply

    Yes Miss Raina you are right because when we are talking about women empowerment the legal education have a great part of it & yes the counselors have a great hand in showing the path

  • Raina Gupta 15 / 09 / 2015 Reply

    This article quite impressive..this is something about women empowerment through legal education and yes its a great opportunity for the counselors .


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