Amidst COVID-19 disruption, Next Learning offers help to academic institutions

COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has majorly affected the education sector in India. The recent 21-day lockdown enforced by the central government led schools, colleges, universities and other academic institutions to suspend their operations. The inadequacy of these academic institutions to conduct online classes is resulting loss of precious time of the students.

India’s education solution provider —Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. saw the problem as an opportunity to provide solution to the institutions that are helping India in shaping its future. Through its Next Learning Platform, the firm has offered help to the academic institutions in transitioning their offline academic operations into online.

The firm provides learning platforms that make academic operations and K–12 learning environment more interactive, creative and engaging. The company offers integrated learning platform such as Next Learning Platform that comprises NextERP, NextLMS including Live Lectures, NextAssessment, content access at home and leading state boards’ content in a number of languages.

Speaking on the development, co-founder and CEO of Next Education, Beas Dev Ralhan said, “Through Next Learning Platform, our mission is to enable schools to take a step forward in the right direction so that their academic operations are not hampered amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Our ‘school-in-a-box’ platform allows schools to run a virtual school through various tools like NextERP, NextLMS, live lectures, online classes and more.”

“With an emphasis on ensuring providing uninterrupted academic operations, it is all the more necessary for educational institutions in the country to adopt online learning platforms. Live Lecture replicates the actual classroom environment, thereby instilling enthusiasm and interest among students to learn and attend classes regularly,” he added.

As the world is moving towards the fourth revolution where almost everything is moving towards digitisation, it becomes imperative that India should emphasis more on transforming its education in the direction of online learning solution. That not only makes learning holistic, but also continuous and seamless.


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