Ramesh Chandra Baidya, AMCC: Digital India Program taking development to next level

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Digital India is an exemplary program. Aimed at imparting digital knowledge to the citizens and employing it to streamline the operations of the government is a vision worth supporting and as the principal of Alternative Medical Council Calcutta, whole heartedly support Mr. Modi’s envisioned program of Digital India. This is an important step towards development of the nation. I am a firm believer of the fact that India has all it takes to be in the league of the developed nations, all we need to do is to embrace technology and let it be the star light.

The Prime Minister plans to extensively use technology to improve the workings of various departments. The details regarding various projects and important notifications would be uploaded online and people would have an access to this information at the click of a button. This means no more hassles of visiting the authorities in order to know the status of an ongoing project.

Another important thing on the cards with Digital India is high speed internet connection. This I believe is absolutely major. The developed nations have their average internet speed 20 times faster than what we have in India. Now in order for India to be a developed nation, this is a paramount factor to be achieved. Other pillars of this program, like nation-wide cell phone connectivity needed emphasis since long. The program also focuses on manufacturing of IT resources and equipments. This is good for the business as well as for the nation’s economy. This would also create various employment options. All in all, Digital India is a fantastic initiative and AMCC would like to congratulate Mr. Modi for this.


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