Ryan International School enhances student innovation with Atal Tinkering Labs

Ankit Kapoor

, Edu-Hour

Water, Science, and corresponding innovative projects, Ryan International School enhances school curriculum with Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL)

Under the Atal Innovation Mission, Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) have been set up in various schools across the country. Offering DIY kits to students, the objective of this initiative is to ‘cultivate one million children in India as Neoteric Innovators’. Leveraging the immense potential and possibilities associated with the initiative in mind, students of Ryan International School have displayed exemplary progress in reference to the innovative implementation of available resources.   

Unlike the common format of a 20-page report in schools, students of Ryan International School acquire a practical and implementation centric approach while keeping in mind the prolonged issues of different societal sections. The concept of ATL creates an inherent value-based curriculum which enables them to implement an analysis fueled, pragmatic methodology that includes the knowledge of technical fundamentals and corresponding implementation.

Combine that with the understanding of adverse conditions in societal structures, the students joined hands to integrate the available resources with team efforts. Result? The creative ideations showcased how the students were able to learn the usage of standard-grade equipment including microcontrollers, motors, ICs, breadboard, and other component, their peripheral integration, and develop a series of projects that are not only practically useful and economically feasible, but further nurture aspiring innovators in the students.  

Considering the conventional pedagogy approach centered on theoretical academics found in many schools, for Ryanites, ATL has been that additional part of the curriculum, which continues to be instrumental in expanding their perspective involving other avenues. The students seemed to be moved and motivated enough to create and showcase innovative projects on the occasion of Science Day and Water Day.

The flagship projects and the respective schools are as follows:

Branch Project Purpose Recognition
Ryan International School, Jaipur Dye Degradation Plant Minimizing the harmful impact of dye degrade Selected for exhibition at Vibrant Gujarat StartUp and Technology Summit (VGSTS) 2018
Ryan Intern-ational School, Greater Noida Power Tower Generate electricity via solar energy 1st prize at the Innovation Science Exhibition
The Health Band Track fitness and help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle Highly appreciated at the ATL Marathon
Ryan International
Goregaon East
Power Analyser Power saving and brightness adjustment Submitted for Innovation Festival 2019, Nehru Science Centre, Worli
Ryan International School, Faridabad The Cleaning Master   Automated cleaning of surroundings  

Other notable efforts include Filtered Greywater Drip Irrigation System, based on the re-use of greywater for domestic purposes due to water shortage, by Ryan International School, Faridabad; Smart Dustbin, targeting the country-wide problem of waste management, by Ryan’s Goregaon School.  The initiative and projects reflect the vision and potential of students for offering long-term solutions that can contribute to minimizing, if not eliminating, the prolonged issues in the country.

Ryan International School continues to foster adaptive learning and computational thinking in its students with the support of ATL. Such exposure is instrumental in enhancing the mindset of each student to an extent that equips them with the adequate ratio of creativity and imagination. Witnessing this from a parental perspective, this could lay the cornerstone of not just an entrepreneur or scientist, but an inherent, curious innovator in them.

That said, with the introduction of ATLs in Ryan International School, the students continue to experience a comprehensive growth-oriented environment as a learner, innovator, concerned part of the society, and an Indian citizen.


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