Tech Trends: How E-Learning platforms are transforming India’s education sector

Jack Wilson

, Edu-Hour
The digital era has proved to be a boon for e-learning and plays a vital role in individual development as well as the future of the nation. It is considered as a revolution which is breaking various educational barriers, is highly beneficial for the intellectual growth of an individual and helps in generating an intellectual society. This is why what was relevant earlier might not be equivalent today. Various challenges in conventional learning methods which are repetitive, costly, limited to the classrooms, with fixed timing and fixed concept for learning, can be overcome through the latest e-learning trends.In a country where traditional education may not be possible for everyone due to financial, personal or any other constraints, the e-learning method/platform can act as a support system for the education industry. Today, India has the latest e-learning trends in the education industry that are being used by developed countries from a very long period.

E-learning transforming education in India

Advanced internet connectivity, rise in the number of smartphone users, adoption of digital payment options, and increase in participation at the government level have significantly aided in the growth of online education in India. Toppscholars, a leading e-learning platform, is helping students, educators and institutions in evaluating the performance as a whole and is frequently being adopted by educational institutions in India. E-learning is leading universities and educators to students at homes and hostels through internet connectivity over smartphones, laptops, computers, etc.

E-learning platforms like Toppscholars assist students in getting personalized advice from educators or experts and bring quality education to students. This makes the entire learning experience fun-filled, practical-oriented, and interactive. E-learning facilities have certainly become more engaging than classroom learning.


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