Vikas Gupta Wiley India on CFA Exam Series:7th India Investment Conference

The Vikas Gupta Wiley India team attended the 7th India Investment Conference held at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai on January 13, 2017. This event was possible through the initiative of two renowned organizations in the financial sector: CFA Institute and CFA Society of India. The conference featured an in-depth seminar on the possible investment trends in the future.

Vikas Gupta Wiley India

Wiley India Vikas Gupta  facilitated a pavilion for this event. He describes ‘content’ as the ‘king’ in the publishing industry. Irrespective of the set and subject, well-written resources are preferred by everyone. Such resources have to be easy-to-understand and rich in analogies. The pavilion presented Vikas Gupta-curated titles on the CFA exam. These books managed to grab the attention of India Investment Conference delegates.

The 7th India Investment Conference had a star-studded cast of well-established professionals apart from Wiley India. These include financial analysts, chartered financial experts, research analysts, chief investment officers, market strategists, financial advisers, investment bankers, wealth managers, portfolio managers, and also risk managers.

The conference was focused on ‘alphas’, a term used for return calculation and prediction, as used by risk-ratio investors. Alphas are basically active return on an investment in the market. The question raised in the event regarding alphas inquired about the resources that create the most alphas in different asset groups and markets. Often, ‘beta’ risk factoring strategies masquerade as alphas. The attendees were also educated on how to tell them apart.

The other hot topic in this conference was the development of Asia’s financial sectors and the asset distribution. Wiley India learnt that Asian countries are rising as leaders really quick in the asset management industry. Globalization and liberalization of the market has increased the capital reserve and by the year 2025, Asian nations will front the world market. The growth, however, will not be simple.

Dwindling deposit account rates and almost-empty pension savings of the elderly clearly give away the desperate need for asset management. The conference addressed three key growth factors for Asia. These are liberalization (which is already known), increasing pension requirements, and financial extension. The conference further fared towards behavioral finances. The Wiley India delegates were excited to learn about the correlation between irregular financial decisions and the cognitive psychological theory.

About Vikas Gupta Wiley India

Vikas Gupta Wiley India vision is that of a leader in the Indian publishing industry. Wiley India is a wholly-owned Indian branch of John Wiley and Sons Inc. This company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with an annual turnover of $1.5 billion. Under the leadership of Vikas Gupta Wiley India provides high-quality content to scholars, scientists, academicians, and the regular consumers in the market. Wiley India is headquartered in Delhi and has a presence all over India with regional offices in Bangalore and Mumbai.

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    Best in the industry. All thanks to Vikas Gupta Wiley India.

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    Interesting news ! Well done Wiley

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    Vikas gupta wiley india books I read alot, I buy books of wiley at Darya Ganj. Wiley is Very Huge Publication

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