Bilcare consolidated Jun ’15 sales stands at Rs 640.53 crore

Bilcare Ltd has informed a total income from operations at Rs 640.53 crore for the quarter ended Jun ’15. The net losses of the Company stand at Rs 42.10 crore for the same quarter. Other income for the quarter stands at Rs 0.01 crore.

This is being compared to the statistics reported by Bilcare at the quarter ending June 2014. During that quarter, the consolidated total income from operations was Rs 695.75 crore and net loss was Rs 9.89 crore.

The shares of Bilcare were last closed at Rs. 48.45 on August 14, 2015 at BSE. It is being accounted that the company’s shares have given -3.20% returns over the last 6 months and -49.56% over the last 12 months.




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