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Budget 2021: List of schemes launched by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Here is the list of schemes launched by the finance minister:-

  1. Aatmanirbhar package amounting to ₹27.1 lakh crore has been introduced to deal with the coronavirus pandemic impact. India has two COVID-19 vaccines and will have two more. The PM Garib Kalyan Yojana and three Aatmanirbhar Bharat packages are like 5 mini budgets in themselves.

2. The finance minister announced the centrally-sponsored PM Aatmanirbhar Swastha Bharat Yojana with an outlay of around ₹64,180 crore spread over 6 years.

3. The third pillar of Aatmanirbhar Bharat aims at Inclusive Development. The third pillar focuses on financial inclusion, migrant workers, laborers, development of agriculture and the rural sector.

4. Ujwala scheme will be extended to cover one crore more beneficiaries.

5. Jal Jeevan Mission-Urban was also announced with an outlay of ₹2.87 crore.

6. Fintech Hub was also proposed to instill confidence in participants among the corporate bond market.

7. An increase in the capital expenditure in the health sector with 137%. The budget expenditure for 2021-22 announced by the minister amounts to ₹2 Lakh 23 thousand crore.

8. The textile parks scheme with the aim to create seven such parks over the next 3 years.

9. Increase the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the insurance sector from 49% to 74%.

10. Data Analytics, AI, ML, MCA 21 version 3.0 will be launched to have additional modules for e-adjudication, consultation, compliance management will be launched.

11. Disinvestment in IDBI Bank, Air India etc. would be completed in 2021-22.

12. Incentive package from the Centre to states will also be proposed by the government for disinvestment in public sector enterprises. The minister has estimated ₹1.75 crore from disinvestment in 2021-22.

13. For financial inclusion, gig and platform workers will also be provided with social security and women will be able to work night shifts with proper protection.

14. For MSME, the finance minister has increased the capital expenditure to ₹15.17 thousand crores, which is absolutely double the expenditure proposed last year.

15. The finance minister announced ₹4,000 crore outlay for deep ocean survey spread across 5 years for the conservation of deep ocean biodiversity.

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