Bikanervala makes Navratri delicious with special Falahari range

The nine nights of Navratri have begun today and will be accomplished on 22nd October. The festival has brought along a whole range of contests, discounts and dandia nights. As always Bikanervala is all set to keep you fill and happy during Navratra days too with its special range of luscious ‘Falahar’ food.


Navratra with Bikanervala

During Navratri, Bikanervala has introduced a ‘Satvik Falahar Bhojan’ specially meant for the ones who are fasting. The restaurant has introduced a wide range of 20 items as ‘Vrat ka bhojan’. From Falahari Deluxe Thali, Falahari Paneer Tikka, Falahari Lachha Tokri to Falahari Aloo Masala Chaat and Falahari Kabab Platter, Bikanervala has made Navratri nothing less than a feast.

Bikanervala believes that Navratri is the festival for goddess Durga devotees. It has introduced a special category of ‘Vrat ka Bhojan’ for the ones who fast during the nine nights of navratri. Bikanervala holds a secular mindset and it respects each culture and every festivity with equal reverence. It has a wide range of items for the ones who are fasting and as is required, the restaurant makes sure that all its recipes strictly adhere to the ingredients allowed during fasting, not using wheat and other such grains.


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  • bharat 21 / 10 / 2015 Reply

    festive session Bikanerwala offers you best deals, lots of new offers for
    their customers. I am a previous customer of bikanerwala and I really
    glad to say that they are the best in food world. This navratri they
    offer some new verities of food.
    Satvik Falahar Bhojan is one of them. I think it will rock

  • vishal 20 / 10 / 2015 Reply

    you are right my friend I am also tasted the satvik falahar bhojan that was
    really really nice.

  • vinita 20 / 10 / 2015 Reply

    One of my friend went bikanerwala yesterday and he is a big fan of bikanerwalas
    mithai. sHe called me last night and told me about the new dish of
    bikanerwala name called ‘Satvik Falahar Bhojan’. she suggest me to go once and
    try the new thing that’s why today I went there in the morning and really the
    ‘Satvik Falahar Bhojan’ was very delicious I can’t explain you yaar the taste
    was really nice. I want to suggest all of you that go and try the best.

  • narayan 19 / 10 / 2015 Reply

    yooooo as Bikanerwala provides delicious things and now here is the special
    offer for the fans of bikanerwala this navratri bikanerwala introducing
    ‘Satvik Falahar Bhojan’. I am telling you my friends the ‘Satvik Falahar
    Bhojan’ is truly awesome and delicious. I think everyone should go there and
    taste the new dish from bikanewala.


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