Cafe coffee Day’s “totally worth it” menu and in-café experience

Café coffee day is one of India’s most preferred hangout place. Popularly known as CCD, its inception can be traced back from 140 years old bean growing tradition.

Being the retail chain of Coffee Day Global Limited, CCD’s name is synonymous with great coffee experience. The café differentiates itself from competitors by labelling itself as a value-for- money brand in the market.

It extends a comforting place to sit and hang out with friends and family, or even seek solitude. When entering the café, a warm and friendly image is automatically conjured. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and atmosphere of the space are welcoming.

To provide superior customer experience, CCD continuously innovates its products and services.

Facilities such as Wi-Fi access, electricity sockets and air-conditioning also makes the in-café experience pleasant. The catch line of the brand also says, “a lot can happen over coffee.”

Café coffee day has recently introduced its new range of food and beverages, under the name “totally worth it”.  The menu includes 24 new options of snacks and drinks, available in both a la carte and combo options.

With food starting at just Rs 29 and combos priced at Rs 49, the menu is pocket friendly. It is currently available in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata outlets.

The menu delivers variety, uniqueness, innovativeness, wholesome choices and quality, all combined at a reasonable price. The food options include vegetarian snacks such as Paneer Bunny Chow, Crispy Samosa Kulcha, classic Maska Masala Bun and Saucy Veg Noodles.

Non-vegetarians can opt for Chicken Calzone, Chicken Bunny Chow, Grilled Chicken Kulcha, and more. The cafe also serves healthier choice of bites such as Multigrain products.

The beverage menu includes classics like Filter Kaapi, Kadak Chai, Sweet & Salt Lemony Spritzer, Classic Cold Coffee and Signature Iced Cocoa.

Some of the dessert options to look forward to are Brownie Ice Cream Cup and Strawberry Ice Cream Cup.

Catering to its Indian market demands, CCD serves both dairy and non-dairy drinks and snacks. It serves some of the best coffee in India.

Café Coffee Day invested in extensive research and development before creating the menu. The change in consumer choices, level of customer satisfaction with the existing services, and other factors were studied.

Not just limiting its scope to menu, Café Coffee Day has recently partnered with Power Square to introduce wireless charging network at their outlets, all across India. More than 300 charging source spots are now available across 100 outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai.

Adding wireless charging to its café, CCD is finding ways to keep its customers connected and strengthen its brand on the digital forefront. The users can now place their Qi-enabled smartphones on the cordless surface and enjoy the perks.

Venu Madhav, CEO of Café Coffee Day, said, “We pioneered the café culture and introduced the Indian youth to international coffees and unique coffee brewing techniques. We have also led the way with technological innovations based on consumer needs and trends. From introducing high speed Wi-Fi at our cafes to being the first to try out digitized tables, we have believed in investing in digital technology to enhance in-café experience for our young customers.”
With a commitment to create a fun and lively atmosphere, Café Coffee Day serves some of the best coffee in India. The retail chain has become a typical household name for an amazing coffee joint.


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