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Healthy food brand ‘Binge Baefikar’ launched, to offer alternative fast food items

On Tuesday, Kolkata based health and nutrition-conscious Anisha Mohta launched a premium food brand ‘Binge Baefikar’. The aim is to target the foodies of the city who are looking for enhancing their health at an affordable price.

The intention of the 29-year old food entrepreneur is to provide its customers with mouth-watering dishes and snacks while helping them maintaining perfect weight and keeping them fit. Binge will offer a healthy alternative to the popular fast food items across the cuisines without compromising the taste. Foodies can opt for their favourite food items without thinking about diet calories, nutrition and glycaemic index. The food start-up also offers options free of butter, dairy products, gluten and sugar.

Binge has also developed vegans, gluten-free and keto diet-friendly recipes. While unveiling her brand, Mohta said “as a lactose intolerant and vegetarian foodie, it has been always a challenge for me to choose what to eat when eating out. The lack of mindful healthy eating options made me sad often. I wanted to enjoy yummy restaurant food like others do but couldn’t. This motivated me to create my brand. I hope our well curated food items would help a lot of people who face such problems.”

While speaking at the reason why she came up with such a start-up, she asserted that “Workplace stress and hectic lifestyle coupled with binge eating specially among urban population has led to major lifestyle disorders – heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and depression. These diseases have assumed alarming proportion in India too. This prompted me to come up with healthy food brand that would keep people active, productive and happy. Our brand caters to working mother, children, youngsters as well as senior citizens who need to maintain a healthy lifestyle with optimum nutrition.”

Initially, Binge Baefikar will only be available exclusively on Swiggy and Zomato. Located at Prince Anwar Shah Road, the food will be delivered within 10 km radius of the location. The start-up employees over ten employees, including chefs, nutritionist amongst others.

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