Nestle cultivates organic growth in India, expects major boost in business

Nestle, a gigantic name in the food and beverages industry, is strongly leading towards adopting an organic approach in India. In an interaction with global media, CEO Ulf Mark Schneider said, “We have been pursuing acquisition everywhere – it’s part of our business model of seeing a growing company in gaining additional market presence. There are opportunities, we are interested in those.

India is a prospective business partner to the Swiss giant, which crossed the Rs 10,000-crore mark of revenue in 2017. Nestle hopes to continue towards its organic growth graph, as it is open to follow “prudent and meaningful” growth opportunities.

Schneider looked optimistic over the growth possibilities, in the Indian market, he said: “I am very pleased with how our Indian company has developed. It has showcased strong leadership and very nice organic growth. Going forward, as everywhere else, we are interested in strong organic growth that to us is the lifeblood of a successful company. It is important to understand that organic growth is more than just the company’s success as it also tells you how much the company is in favor with the customers. Hence, we are dedicated to strong organic growth.

The company is still in its retrieval stages, after the 2015 Maggie controversy. However, Nestle is planning to work closely with Indian government, and customers, and is inquisitive in knowing key product concerns.

Nestle believes in learning from its previously dealt crisis in India. Revisiting the Maggi feud, Schneider said that “there was a wave of sentiment building against the product which hurt the company strongly at that time.” He added “One of the reasons the company recovered quickly was because the Maggi noodles was found to be right.”

Incorporating health, and nutrition, in its vision and mission, Nestle has been reformulating and renewing its product categories and portfolio to be more socially responsible and ethical in its business approach.

The company will reduce salt, sugar and saturated fat levels in its products, and replace them with fibre-rich grains and vegetables. Since 2016, Nestle, India has been adopting an aggressive growth path with product innovations not only in India, but at a global level.


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