Amidst its digital makeover phase, the healthcare sector is still “under-invested”

Every sector in India is being revolutionized digitally, increasing competency, and bringing upgradation. Digital transition of the healthcare sector is also underway. The sector is witnessing advances with advent of artificial intelligence, and data analysis systems. Ironically, strict regulatory environment is trimming the sector down.

More public, private partnerships are expected in the healthcare space, which they feel is ‘under-invested’. The statement cannot be denied as India spends only 1. 5per cent of its GDP onyes healthcare with the overall healthcare infrastructure remaining ill-equipped and weak to cater 1.25 billion of its population.

Too big of a leap?

Planning to reach nearly twice its current strength, the sector has however, seen advancements in areas of diagnosis, treatment, and overall patient management. But the void that lies in its infrastructure, existing delivery model, and the lack of trained professionals cannot be veiled.

Both government and private players are pushing towards the use of latest technology such as AI, and ML healthcare delivery model. But with the future of health-care seen as a high-volume, low-margin, the effectiveness of adopting innovation, and technology is subjected to scrutiny.

Digitization would help increase the sector’s reach, and accessibility to even remote locations. With the virtual healthcare services, the sector is moving right towards transformation. But the pre-requisites are competent environment, and personnel to pursue the new technology to its greatest utility.

Apollo Hospital’s Vice Chairperson Preetha Reddy said the country still remains under-invested in health infrastructure. “We have a scarcity of doctors and nurses, and are vastly under-insured as a nation. Other challenges that remain are access to primary and quality healthcare, changing disease patterns, GST, and price regulations on treatments and medical devices – which remain areas of debate and consensus building,” she said.

Though the digitization of healthcare delivery model still remains a challenge, development is both essential, and required. 2019 is expected to be a defining year for the industry, with healthcare being one of focus areas of policy making.




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