AMRI Hospitals set to organize Heart Health Awareness Campaigns in Kolkata, Bhubaneswar


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Heart health has always been a major concern in both rural and urban India. AMRI Hospital Dhakuria, in a bid tospread awareness about heart health, organized an open air meeting at Rabindra Sarobar Lake. The move, which is aimed at educating morning walkers and making them aware of increasing heart risks, is being organized on the occasion of World Heart Day, was held on September 29, 2018. A team of cardiologists met people and answered their queries.

Statistics show that nearly 2.1 million people lost their lives due to heart diseases in India in 2015. The ailment hasnow surpassed obesity in being the driver of deaths.According to TOI, deaths due to heart diseases in India have risen by 34 per cent in the last 26 years.

Changing lifestyle and increasing work load has rendered people with no time to focus on their health. Habits such as smoking, unhealthy eating and consumption of alcohol are commonplace amongst all age groups. This leads to bad cholesterol levels, diabetes and blood pressure problems,which eventually takes a toll on heart health.

Not only this, additional factors such as air pollution, noise pollution, etc., also contribute to the degrading heart health of people. Numerous factories and manufacturing units set up in the name ofmodernization and urbanization add to the pollution levels every day.

Coronary artery disease, valvularheart disease, cerebrovascular disease, heart attack, heart failure and various other problems related to the heart have been a major cause of deaths in the recent past. Along with all the aforementioned factors, it is also the lack of awareness that has created a situation so devastating.

The open air meeting organized by AMRI Hospital Dhakuria, best heart hospital in Kolkata will help in spreading the knowledge. The other two branches of the hospital, located in Mukundapur and Salt Lake, will also be a part of the event. In order to encourage people to take part, they will also be handed out AMRI branded merchandise such as T-shirts and caps.

A number of awareness programs will also be organized for corporate houses, banks and PSUs in Kolkata. AMRI hospitals also gifted special edition coffee mugs to those who got discharged on World Heart Day. A social media campaign with #BeatTheRisk has also been started in order to raise heart health awareness on social media.

Extending their efforts further, AMRI Hospital Bhubaneswar is also organizing a Walkathon on September 29, 2018. Expecting a gathering of around 500 participants, it is also aimed at raising awareness on heart health. AMRI Hospital Mukundapur organsied an interactive session between cardiologists and people, which was aired live on facebook. AMRI Hospital-Salt Lake organsied an interaction between poele who have and are suffereing from varieties of cardiac diseases so that they can form an offline network and help each out other.

With efforts like these not only will people understand and care better for their heart, but it will also be an example to other healthcare service providers for educating the masses on heart care.



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